T.U.S.C. Roles – for Feb. 25th

Our next TUSC will be coming up on Friday, Feb. 25th. The roles that students have chosen are found below. Details on the roles can be found here (this is a link to old roles, but has explanation about what the roles are): https://kcsgrade7.com/2021/10/13/t-u-s-c-due-friday-october-22/

Isaiah – Artist
Lily – Weather Wiz
Canaan – Secretary
Dante – Free Pass
Eli – Health / Nutrition tip
Jaycee – Historian
Isaac – Organizer
Caleb – Fashion Advisor
Matthew – Corny Jokester
Jesse – Techie
Victoria – Art Curator
Alex – Architect / World’s Craziest Buildings
Ella – Master Chef
Ben – Sports Broadcaster
Ava – News Reporter
Kaylee – Riddler / Mathlete
Owen – Song Reviewer
Nasz – Fitness Coach
Sydney – Movie Critic
Aspen – Mad Scientist
Daxs – Book Reviewer
Eden – Poet
Sunnee – Pastor
Ian – Guess Who


Lover of Jesus, my family, teaching, ice cream, camping, my dog, chocolate, Disneyland, reading, quiet time, tea, coffee and all things curriculum!

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