T.U.S.C. stands for “Totally Unbelievable Speaking Club”!  This is meant to be a fun way for students to share their awesome ideas and work on their presenting skills. 

There will be NO class time to prepare for this – it must all be done at home (5 minutes or less). Below are explanations of each role, as well as who has chosen it for this time around.


3 marks – student is prepared 
2 marks – student displays creativity 
2 marks – student put time / effort into the presentation 
3 marks – information is accurate, worthwhile, and appropriate for sharing  
5/5 – student is engaged / listening the whole time 
4/5 – student is engaged / listening most of the time 
3/5 – student is engaged / listening some of the time 
2/5 or less – student is distracted, not listening, and / or distracting others.  

*These descriptions are to be used as guidelines. Students do not need to answer every suggested question. Creativity and new ideas are encouraged! 

  1. Art Curator: Show us a piece of Art! Tell us why you think this Artwork is awesome!  What do you like / dislike about it? Who made it? When was it made? What Elements of Art can be seen in this work?  How does this piece of Art reflect God’s goodness and/or the beauty of his creation? OR how does it reflect our broken world? How does this piece of Art make you feel? How do you think the artist made it? 
  1. Guess Who: Provide a series of questions that will eventually cause us to guess who the person is! It could be someone in our school community or someone famous! For example: This person is awesome. He is a man. He’s lived in Alberta and also Northern BC.  This person loves sports! He’s a great leader!  You guessed it…it’s Mr. Brandsma! 
  1. Fashion Advisor: You may choose to showcase a particular fashion trend / style.  It could be a modern day example or an example from the past. This could also include trends from Ancient Civilizations and /or other cultures! You could sew an item to show to the class, have the class participate in a quiz to “find their style”, etc. The options are endless! 
  2. Sports Broadcaster: Maybe you show us “Sports Fails”, or the greatest goals of all time!  Perhaps you share with us the highlights of your favourite team’s recent game.  You might like to take some time to describe to us why your team is the best! Perhaps we’ll convert and become fans too! Please limit your presentation to five minutes or less. 
  1. Song Reviewer: Pick a song, any song! (It must have appropriate language and content). Tell us why it’s your favourite or why it’s hilarious / ridiculous, etc. Tell us who wrote it, who sings it and the date that it was produced. Unless you have a musical talent…in which case, you’re welcome to sing / play for us! 
  1. Free Pass: Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!  Just this once!  
  1. Historian / Fun Fact Presenter: Share a fun fact with us.  Do you know something unbelievable?! We’d like to know too!  Or you can share a cool moment / hero / antagonist form history with us. 
  1. Mad Scientist: Prepare to be amazed! In the past, students have conducted experiments right in our class!  You can also share a video of you doing an experiment at home, or someone else conducting an awesome experiment! This is a really fun T.U.S.C. role! *No explosives at school! 
  1. News Reporter: Pick a current event to share with and explain to us.  Be ready to answer a few questions and share your opinion about it! 
  1. Weather Wiz: Share a crazy weather story with us! In books, or on the internet, you can find crazy weather catastrophes that have happened in recent and ancient history! 
  1. Architect / World’s Craziest Buildings: Choose ONE awesome example of architecture to share with us!  (We want to leave some for other students to present later). Tell us why it’s amazing, how it was built, where it’s located, who made it and for what purpose, etc. Be sure to show lots of pictures! 
  1. Pastor: Share a devotion, a Bible Verse or part of a sermon with us. Tell us why it’s special to you and please share with us what you think God wants us to learn from it.  Thank you for encouraging us! 
  1. Organizer: You choose the order of the T.U.S.C. presenters!  This helps us to keep things moving along nicely. 
  1. Write on the board: 

Now: (student name) 

Next: (student name) 

  1. Movie Critic: Share a trailer (must be rated appropriately) of a movie with us.  Tell us why you think this will be an awesome movie or why you think it might be a bust. Highlight some of the actors / actresses in it.  Tell us the general theme.  Please limit to 5 minutes or less. 
  1. Book Reviewer: Share a great book with us! Tell us about the theme and lesson (if applicable). Tell us about the main characters, problem, solution, setting, etc. Maybe share some facts about the author too. Let us know why you would recommend or not recommend this book. 
  1. Techie: You’re in charge of the computer and projector! You can help each student to get his or her video cued up, open files from his or her USB stick, as needed. 
  1. Secretary: You keep a list of the presentations. Include the following information for each: Student name, T.U.S.C. role, brief description of what they shared. 
  1. Health Tip / Nutritionist: Share some tips with us! This could include sharing your thoughts on eating plans, essential oils, healthy habits, hygiene tips, good lifestyle choices, etc. You could also choose to share your thoughts on something you’re skeptical about, as long as you do it in a respectful manner. 
  1. Fitness Coach: Lead us in a simple exercise! You could also share a short (5 minutes or less) exercise video with us! You can find one, or make your own.  
  1. Master Chef: Share an awesome recipe with us!  You can try to make it at home and make a video of you cooking it.  You could also share a video of someone else cooking something delicious.  Perhaps you’d like to demonstrate for us, right in our own class!  Unfortunately, we can’t share snacks at this time. 
  1. Riddler / Mathlete: See if you can stump us with a riddle or a tricky Math problem! 
  1. Poet: Share a poem with us. Tell us why you think this poem is awesome or weird! What do you like / dislike about it?  Who wrote it? When was it written? How does this poem reflect God’s goodness and / or the beauty of His creation? OR how does it reflect our broken world? How does this poem make you feel?   
  1. Artist: Share a piece of your own, personal Art with us or teach us how to draw / make something! 
  1. Corny Jokester: Share some funny jokes with us! They can be hilarious or cheesy! 


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