For test next Wednesday, October 20th:

  1. condominium – a building of individual apartments
  2. coast – part of the land near the sea
  3. below a lower level
  4. mole – a small, burrowing animal OR a spy
  5. humid muggy, high level of water vapour in the sky
  6. studio – a room where an artist or sculptor works
  7. blue – a colour OR feeling sad
  8. drew – produce a picture or diagram
  9. cartoon – an animated drawing
  10. troupe – a group of actors, dancers or entertainers who go on tour
  11. attitude – a way of thinking or feeling that is displayed in one’s behaviour
  12. toast – sliced bread, browned on both sides
  13. growth – process of increasing in size
  14. universe – matter and space
  15. costume – to dress in a particular set of clothes


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